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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Hopefully you’ll be remembering it for the rest of your life.  This is why when you ask for someone’s hand in marriage, it needs to be special. Some people though… take to a bit of an extreme. 

The following is a list of some of the most extreme or creative wedding proposals that can be found online. This is only a small sampling though, who knows the amount of creative and unique proposals out there that never make it to YouTube.

The Movie Trailer

One husband to be decided that he would take his girlfriend to the place of their second date to pop the question. This place was a movie theater and he did a little bit more than just drop to one knee and pop the question.

The man hired a director to make a ‘trailer’ where he raced to the movie theater. He then somehow got the theater to play this trailer before a movie where he was with his girlfriend. The trailer was slick and high energy. 

The Halo Proposal

The subject of our next creative proposal was a long time gamer as was his girlfriend. Since they both loved playing the game ‘Halo 3’ so much he decided to propose in game. Using a custom map editor he created a map just for the two of them that featured the words ‘Marry Me?’ 

Disneyland Flash Mob

On June 6th, 2009 a young woman entered Disneyland with her long time boyfriend. They had a bunch of fun going on rides and remembering what the place was like as kids. All in all it was a great date. What the woman did not expect was that the boyfriend had been planning this day for quite some time. 

Suddenly, near the end of their day the man pulled out a bullhorn and started making a big announcement to the crowd around them. He told the woman about how much he loved her and she knew what was coming as he got down on one knee.

But then some woman started singing, and then a cleaning person and then a woman in a wheelchair. Soon it was a full blown Disney musical. He then finally got back on his knee and proposed to her.  

Fake Death

Men have a long history of doing dangerous things to win the heart of a woman, but jumping off a building is a bit much. That is what one man did and he got the whole experience filmed for YouTube. 

During a roof top party with a bunch of friends the husband to be got up on a ledge, holding a beer, and began a speech about how much he loved his girlfriend. He then asked for something to be tossed to him. While trying to catch it he lost his balance and fell to what looked like his doom. In reality he had a giant airbag set up with ‘Will you Marry Me?” written around it so when his girlfriend ran to the ledge to look for him she would see it. 

By: Kole Mcrae for Diamond Engagement Rings

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